2017-18 OnePledge/Project


If you were present at the October 24 Club 29 meeting, you heard the announcement of the 2017-18 Rotary Project. Out of 48 grant applications, the OnePledge/Project committee chose the Mental Health Association Oklahoma. The funds Club 29 raises will allow the MHAO to purchase a vehicle. Individuals can be easily transported to Lottie House, and their staff can take participants to doctor appointments, job interviews, social security offices, pharmacies, grocery stores, food pantries, and so much more!! MHAO Director Lisa Turner spoke at the Dec. 12 Rotary meeting about this critical need for transportation.

In addition, Club 29 will be funding scholarships for Jr. Rotarians, 25 seniors from high schools in the Okla. City area who represent a diverse representation of our community. 7100 Dictionaries delivered to 72 schools by 65 Club 29 rotarians and outside volunteers. International grants for medical equipment in Cluj Romania, anti-decubitus mattresses in Moncrevello Italy and humanitarian assistance for schools, water supplies, and basic health care in M’Hamid Morroco. Domestic Grants for Alzheimers Association Caregiver Survival Packs and mattresses and other furniture for the Genesis Project.

A total of $80,000 is needed .

369 Rotarians (60% of the membership) have pledged

The committee wants to make it very easy for you. Please indicate how much you’ll pledge here   

Thanks to the 369 (out of 600+) who pledged, and paid, the OnePledge goal was reached  Feb. 7, 2018!!!   Thanks, Rotarians!!!!

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