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1-Aug  Cliff Branan West OKC
22-Nov  Jeff Brown   Venice Nokomas Fla
29-Nov  Jeff Brown Nokomas Fla
6-Dec  Jeff Brown   Sarasota Gulf Gate FLA
13-Dec  Jeff Brown   Venice Nokomas Fla
20-Dec  Jeff Brown    Video Makeup
20-Dec  Nick Harroz  NorthWest OKC
20-Dec  Steve Kime  Enid, OK
20-Dec  Rick Vermillion  NorthWest OKC


13-Dec  John Crain  North  OKC
31-Oct   John Crain  North  OKC
28-Nov John Crain  North OKC
12-Dec  John Crain  North OKC
13-Dec  Jim Farha  North OKC
13-Dec  Steve Kime  Enid, OK
13-Dec  Mike McAuliffe  Bricktown

10-Jan   Gean Atkinson   Video Makeup
17-Jan   Bill Bowden   RI Assembly San Diego CA
3-Jan   Dick Hefton   Video Makeup
3-Jan   Cori Loomis   Video Makeup
30-Nov   William Paul   Coronado, CA
3-Jan   Harry Wilson   Video Makeup


10-Jan Susan Adams NorthWest OKC
17-Jan  Harold Armstrong South OKC
9-Jan   John Crain North OKC
23-Jan  John Crain North OKC
17-Jan   Larry Hazelwood North OKC
17-Jan   Steve Kime Enid, OK
17-Jan   Homer Paul NorthWest OKC


24-Jan   Susan Adams Moore OK
17-Jan   David Battles Edmond
24-Jan   John Dobson North OKC
23-Jan   Larry Hazelwood North OKC
26-Jan   Larry Hazelwood Norman
24-Jan   Steve Kime Enid OK
31-Jan   Steve Kime Enid OK *
31-Jan   David Walters Enid OK*
24-Jan   Harry Wilson West OKC

Gov Walters Enid Rotary


31-Jan   Ann Ackerman  Video Makeup
31-Jan   Georgia Fiering  Video Makeup
30-Jan   Dick Hefton   North OKC
31-Jan    Rob Lake   Video Makeup
7-Feb   Bill Orr   Video Makeup
6-Feb   Jerry Steward   North OKC


7-Feb   Steve Kime   Enid, OK
7-Feb   Dick Hefton   West OKC
31-Jan  Page Dobson   North OKC
14-Feb   Homer Paul   Edmond
21-Feb   Homer Paul   North OKC
7-Feb   Jim Farha   North OKC
13-Feb   John Dobson   North OKC
13-Feb   Joe Kernke   North OKC
14-Feb   Mike McAuliffe   Bricktown OKC
7-Feb   Leonard Sullivan   Del City, OK
14-Feb   Gean Atkinson   Video Makeup

14-Feb  Cliff Dougherty  Video Makeup
14-Feb  Steve Kime  Enid, OK
14-Feb  Tim Strange  Video Makeup


21-Feb  Susan Adams North Okla. City
21-Feb  Harold Armstrong NorthWest OKC
14-Feb  Jeff Brown Video Makeup
3-Jan   Jeff Brown Venice Nokomis Fla
10-Jan  Jeff Brown Venice Nokomis Fla
17-Jan  Jeff Brown Venice Nokomis Fla
24-Jan  Jeff Brown Venice Nokomis Fla
31-Jan  Jeff Brown Sarasota Fla
7-Feb  Jeff Brown Venice Nokomis Fla
7-Mar  Jim Farha North OKC
14-Feb  Larry Hazelwood Stillwater
23-Feb  Larry Hazelwood Stillwater Noon
7-Mar  Joe Kernke North OKC
14-Feb  Steve Kime Enid, OK
21-Feb  Steve Kime Enid, OK
11-Feb  Mark Schweighart Coronado CA
21-Feb  Ted Streuli Video Makeup
14-Feb  Karen Youngblood Video Makeup


7-Mar  Gean Atkinson  NorthWest OKC
13-Feb Jeff Brown  Video Makeup
21-Feb Jeff Brown  Venice Nokomis, Fla
28-Feb Jeff Brown  Venice Nokomis, Fla
7-Mar   Claude Drabek  West OKC
28-Feb Larry Hazelwood  NorthWest OKC
7-Mar   Larry Hazelwood  NorthWest OKC
6-Mar   Dick Hefton  Midwest City
14-Mar   Steve Kime  Enid, OK*
14-Mar  Homer Paul  North OKC
28-Feb  Brent Stockwell  North OKC
7-Mar  Devery Youngblood  Enid, OK*

CEO for Oklahoma Tomorrow Devery Youngblood joins Steve Kime at the Enid Television Network studios for an interview about the non-profit group. Both men are members of Club 29 OKC. After the television interview, Youngblood spoke at the Enid Rotary club to a crowd of 100.

Devery Youngblood and Steve Kime


28-Mar  Susan Adams  North OKC
14-Mar   Susan Adams  North OKC
7-Mar   David Battles  Edmond
21-Mar  Page Dobson  North OKC
4-Apr   Jim Farha  North OKC
14-Mar  Georgia Fiering  Video Makeup
21-Mar  Larry Hazelwood  Edmond
21-Mar  Steve Kime  Enid, OK
7-Mar  Carolyn Stager  Edmond


7-Mar  Jeff Brown Sarasota  Gulf Gate FLA
14-Mar  Jeff Brown  Venice FLA
21-Mar  Jeff Brown  Video Makeup
28-Mar  Jeff Brown  Venice FLA
6-Mar  John Crain  North OKC
13-Feb  John Crain  North OKC
20-Mar  John Crain  North OKC
3-Apr  John Crain  North OKC
1-Mar  John Crain  Coachella Valley CA
28-Feb  John Crain  Palm Desert CA
21-Mar  John Dobson  North OKC
18-Mar  Bill Hughes  North OKC
28-Mar  Steve Kime  Enid OK
28-Mar  Mike McAuliffe  Bricktown OKC


4/11/2017   Ann Ackerman   Video Makeup
4/4/2017  Susan Beaty   Video Makeup
2/17/2017  Cliff Branan   South OKC
3/31/2017  Cliff Branan  Guymon, OK
6/16/2016  John Crain   Shallotte, NC
3/1/2016   John Crain   Cathedral City, CA
3/3/2017   Laura Garrett  South OKC
3/21/2017 Laura Garrett  Bricktown OKC
4/5/2017   Jerome Holmes  West OKC
4/4/2017   Steve Kime  Enid, OK
3/21/2017  Patrick Raglow  Video Makeup
3/28/2017  John Robberson  Video Makeup


4/11/2017  Ann Ackerman  Video Makeup
4/4/2017  Susan Adams  East OK County
3/28/2017  Susan Adams  Edmond
4/11/2017  Larry Hazelwood  West OKC
4/11/2017  Steve Kime  Enid
4/11/2017  Gary Lumpkin  Video Makeup
4/4/2017  Lance McDaniel  East OK County
4/11/2017  Barbara Newey  Video Makeup
4/11/2017  Marty O’Gwynn  Video Makeup
4/11/2017 Brent Stockwell  Video Makeup
4/4/2017  Emily Stratton  Rotary eClub One


4/25/2017 Gean Atkinson NorthWest OKC
5/2/2017 Gean Atkinson Video Makeup
4/18/2017 Gean Atkinson Video Makeup
4/21/2017 Mary Jane Calvey Foley AL
4/18/2017 John Dobson East Okla. County
5/2/2017 Jim Farha North OKC
4/25/2017 Laura Garrett Edmond Summit
4/11/2017 Laura Garrett Kingfisher OK
4/26/2017 Laura Garrett Edmond
4/25/2017 Jane Jenkins Video Makeup
4/18/2017 Steve Kime “Enid, OK”
4/25/2017 Steve Kime Video Makeup
4/21/2017 Terry Neese Foley AL
5/2/2017 Homer Paul North OKC
4/25/2017 Tania Smith Video Makeup
4/25/2017 Brent Stockwell S.E. Tulsa
4/25/2017 Tim Strange Video Makeup


5/2/2017 Jim Daniel   West OKC
4/25/2017 Larry Hazelwood  Edmond
4/26/2017 Dick Hefton   Savannah- West , GA
5/2/2017 Steve Kime  Enid
5/9/2017 Mike Knopp  Video Makeup
5/2/2017 Mike McAuliffe  Bricktown
4/19/2017 Bill Paul   Coronado, CA
4/25/2017 Ross Plourde   Video Makeup


5/23/2017   Harold Armstrong Northwest Okc
8/9/2016   Gean Atkinson South OKC
11/29/2016   Gean Atkinson Video Makeup
11/15/2016   Gean Atkinson Video Makeup
5/1/2017   John Crain North OKC
5/15/2017   John Crain North OKC
4/24/2017   John Crain North OKC
4/17/2017   John Crain North OKC
4/10/2017   John Crain North OKC
1/20/2016   John Crain Charlotte West
5/9/2017   Nick Harroz Video Makeup
4/25/2017  Larry Hazelwood Edmond
5/15/2017   Dick Hefton Midwest City
5/16/2017   Steve Kime   Enid, OK
5/16/2017   Steve Kime   Enid, OK
5/16/2017   Mike McAuliffe Ft. Smith, ARK
5/9/2017   Wes Milbourn Video Makeup

4/4/2017  Jeff Brown  Venice Nokomis FLA
4/11/2017  Jeff Brown  Venice Nokomis FLA
4/18/2017  Jeff Brown  Venice Nokomis FLA
4/25/2017  Jeff Brown  Venice Nokomis FLA
5/2/2017  Jeff Brown  Venice Nokomis FLA
5/9/2017  Jeff Brown  Sarasota FLA
5/16/2017  Jeff Brown  Video Makeup
3/28/2017  Georgia Fiering  video makeup
5/16/2017  Nick Harroz  Video Makeup
5/23/2017  Nick Harroz  Video Makeup
5/23/2017  Steve Kime  Enid, OK
2/21/2017  Blair Naifeh Video makeup
2/14/2017  Blair Naifeh Video makeup


5/30/2017   Susan Adams   OKC Sunrise
5/16/2017   Susan Adams Video Makeup
4/25/2017   Susan Adams Video Makeup
5/23/2017   Jeff Brown  Sarasota-Gulf Gate FLA
5/30/2017   Jeff Brown  Venice Nokomis FLA
5/30/2017   Nick Harroz  Santa Fe, NM
5/30/2017   Larry Hazelwood  Norman
6/5/2017     Dick Hefton  Midwest City
5/30/2017   Steve Kime  Enid, OK
5/30/2017   Mike McAuliffe  Bricktown
3/28/2017   Blair Naifeh  Video Makeup
5/30/2017   Larry Stone  Video Makeup
5/30/2017   Rick Vermillion  Santa Fe, NM
5/30/2017   Don Wetekam  Video Makeup

5/30/2017    David Battles   Video Makeup
6/6/2017      David Battles   Video Makeup
5/30/2017   Georgia Fiering   Video Makeup
6/6/2017      Erick Harris   Video Makeup
11/1/2017     Larry Hazelwood   Video Makeup
11/8/2017    Larry Hazelwood   Video Makeup
11/22/2017   Larry Hazelwood   Video Makeup
6/6/2017     Eli Hellman   Video Makeup
5/30/2017    Eli Hellman   Video Makeup
4/4/2017    Blair Naifeh   Video Makeup
11/29/2017    Lisa Synar   NorthWest OKC
6/6/2017    Jim Waldo   Video Makeup

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