Reception honoring Club 29 Past Presidents

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A reception honoring Past Presidents of Rotary Club 29 was held May 4, 2017. Hosts were Past President and Mrs. Sam Hammons of  Edmond. Photographer – Carl Shortt

Hosts Past President Sam and Mrs. Joy Hammons with Gean Atkinson


Jim Loftis, Page Dobson and Harry Wilson

Barney Semtner and Harry Wilson

Sam Hammons, Jim Clark, Meg Salyer, Ed Porter, Chuck Wiggin

Clayton Taylor, Terri Cooper, Jan Loftis, Tim Strange

Ed Porter, Page Dobson

Terri Cooper, Dean Robertson

Harry Wilson, James Pickel, Harold Armstrong

Sam Hammons, Jim Clark

Page Dobson, Carl Shortt

Terri Cooper, Ed Porter, Sam Hammons, Carl Shortt

Chris and Myrna Speligene

Past Presidents of Club 29 (Living)

Dr. Dean Robertson (1966-67)
Henry W. Browne, Jr.  (1977-78)
Chris V. Speligene  (1979-80)
Harold D. Armstrong (1981-82)
Gabriel J. Zablatnik (1986-87)
V. Burns Hargis (1987-88)
Harry L. Wilson (1988-89)
Bernard L. Semtner (1991-92)
Richard F. Vermillion (1993-94)
James R. Daniel (1994-95)
Fred S. Morgan (1995-96)
Carl L. Shortt, Jr.  (1996-97)
James A. Pickel  (1997-98)
William P. Bowden (1998-99)
Ed Porter (1999-2000)
Page Dobson (2000-01)
James C. Clark (2001-02)
Larry L. Bledsoe (2002-03)
Margaret S. Salyer (2003-04)
James W. Sharrock  (2004-05)
Samuel G. Hammons (2006-07)
Gean B. Atkinson (2007-08)
James L. Loftis (2008-09)
Jeffrey H. Simpsen (2009-10)
Clayton C. Taylor (2010-11)
Chuck Wiggin (2011-12)
Marion Paden (2012-13)
Robert H. Clements (2013-14)
Jerome A. Holmes  (2014-15)
William T. Strange (2015-16)
Teresa Cooper (2016-17)


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