2018-19 Nomination for Officers and Directors

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THIS IS NOT A BALLOT – Ballots are due back midnight, December 1, 2017

Office of President-Elect

Ann Ackerman

Years in Rotary: 16 
Attendance: 100.00%
Perfect Attendance:
12 yrs
Committees Chaired: Club 29 Bkf 03-04/Fdn Board 10-11/Introduction of New Members 12-13/13-14/Lunch Ticket Sales 15-16/Inaugural16-17
Awards Received: Club Service 12-13
Offices Held: Director 05-07 / Secretary 07-08/ Foundation 08-11 /Secretary 17-18
Paul Harris Fellow


Jerrod Shouse

Years in Rotary: 7
Attendance: 54.71%
Committees Chaired: Programs 13-14/14-15/Group Chair Membership 15-16,16-17/New Member Recruitment 17-18
Awards Received: Club Service 12-13/Rotarian of the Year 13-14/Pres Citation 14-15
Offices Held: Foundation Director 2014-17/ Director 2015-17
Paul Harris Fellow+1/Paul Harris Society

Office of Assistant Treasurer

Richard Parry

Years in Rotary: 6
Attendance: 50.94%
Committees Chaired: Foundation Investment Committee 2015-18
Awards Received: Vocational Service 2016-17
Offices Held: Foundation Director 16-18


Ross Plourde

Years in Rotary:19
Attendance: 100.00%
Perfect Attendance:  18 years
Committees Chaired: Legal Ballot 03-04/Christmas in April 04-05/ 05-06/ Vocational Day 08-09/Group Chair 9-10/11-12 /Signature Project Exploration Task Force 12-13/13-14
Awards Received: Club Service 03-04/Community Service 05-06/08-09/Presidential Recognition 10-11
Offices Held:Director 2010-12 / Foundation Director 2013-16
Paul Harris Fellow


Office of Secretary

Larry Stone

Years in Rotary: 17
Attendance: 100.00%
Perfect Attendance: 8 years
Committees Chaired: World Community Service 03-04 , 07-08/ Exchange Students 04-05, 05-06/RYLA 07-08,08-09/Group Chair Int’l 08-09/9-10/10-11/11-12/ WebSite 12-13/13-14/16-17 Social Media 12-13/13-14/14-15/Rot Int’l Fdn 17- 18
International Project Dedications Attended: Panama 2010/Romania 2011/ Cluj, Piatra Neamt, Valea lerii Romania 2014/Budapest, Hungary 2014/ Riga, Latvia 2016 / Okla. City, Okla. 2016/Romania Fall 2017
Awards Received: Intl Service 04-05/Pres Recognition 10-11/ Pres Citation 14-15,16-17/ President’s 15-16/
Offices Held: Director 2010-12 / Sgt-at-Arms 17-18
Paul Harris Fellow+8/Paul Harris Society; White Hat Society Major Donor Level 1; Club 29 Community Fellow


Lisa Synar

Years in Rotary: 5
Attendance: 100.00%
Perfect Attendance: 1 year
Committees Chaired: Social 13-14/Inaugural 15-16/Special Events Group Chair 16-17,17-18
Awards Received: President’s 15-16
Offices Held: Director 2016-18


Office of Sergeant At Arms

Jane Jenkins

Years in Rotary: 8
Attendance: 81.13%
Committees Chaired: Program 11-12/Historical Preservation 14-15/Signature Project Exploration Task Force 14-15/15-16/ Group Chair Communications 15-16,16-17/Introductions 16-17/OKCTulsa Relations 17-18
Awards Received: Rotarian of the Yr 11-12/Community Service 14-15/Signature Project 15-16
Offices Held: Director 2015-17


Lance McDaniel

Years in Rotary: 7
Attendance: 67.92%
Committees Chaired: Dictionaries 13-14/ PR Group Chair 14-15/Group Chair Service Projects 15-16/OKC/Tulsa Relations 16-17
Awards Received: Presidential Citation 16-17
Offices Held: Director 2014-16


Office of Director – 5 elected for a 2 year term

Cheryl Borelli

Years in Rotary: 9
Attendance: 50.94%
Committees Chaired: Greeters 11-12/12-13/Serv Proj Group Chair  13-14,14-15/Lunch Ticket Sales 17-18
Offices Held: Director 2013-15
Paul Harris Fellow+1/Paul Harris Society



Matt Bown

Years in Rotary: 13
Attendance: 74.69%
Committees Chaired: Vocational Day 06-07/07-08/Budget-Audit 10-11/11-12/12-13/13-14/14-15
Awards Received: Vocational  Service 06-07, 12-13/ Presidential Recognition 10-11
Offices Held: Assist. Treasurer 2013-14 /Treasurer 2014-15 /Foundation Past Treasurer 15-16
Paul Harris Fellow


Betsy Brunsteter

Years in Rotary: 5
Attendance: 60.37%
Committees Chaired: After Hrs 13-14/Program 16-17
Awards Received: Rotarian of the Yr 16-17




Russ Florence

Years in Rotary: 4
Attendance: 50.94%
Committees Chaired: Program 15-16
Awards Received: Rotarian of the Year 15-16




Blair Naifeh

Years in Rotary: 5
Attendance: 100.00%
Perfect Attendance: 2 years
Committees Chaired: Legal Ballot Co-chair 16-17/17-18
Awards Received: Presidential Citation 16-17




Mark Neumeister

Years in Rotary: 5
Attendance: 100.00%
Perfect Attendance: 5 years





Marty O’Gwynn

Years in Rotary: 5
Attendance: 77.35%
Committees Chaired: Rotaract 12-13/13-14/15-16/16-17,17-18; International Project Dedication Attended-Riga Latvia 2016
Awards Received: Pres .Citation 14-15 /President’s 15-16/ Club Service16-17
Paul Harris Fellow+2/Paul Harris Society



Jim David

Years in Rotary: 19 years and 5 years
Attendance: 62.26 %
Paul Harris Fellow





Suzanne Mitchell

Years in Rotary: 6
Attendance: 67.92%
Committees Chaired: Open World Legal Scholars 12-13/13-14/14-15/15-16/16-17/17-18
Awards Received: Presidential Citation 14-15/Rotary International Service 16-17



Paul Moore

Years in Rotary: 10 years and 4 years
Attendance: 60.37%
Paul Harris Fellow





Office of Foundation Director – One Director elected for a 3 year term

Joyce Clark

Years in Rotary: 5
Attendance: 54.71%
Committees Chaired: District Grants 15-16/16-17,17-18
International Project Dedications Attended: Romania 2017
Awards Received: Community Service 16-17



Patrick Raglow

Years in Rotary: 4
Attendance: 67.92%






2018-19 Carry-Over Officers and Directors

President – Tom Phillips
Treasurer – Lesli Massad
One Year Directors: David Walters, Ashley Smith, David Battles, Wes Milbourn, Clytie Bunyan
Past President – Ellen Fleming

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