2023-2024 Grant Guidelines- Letters of Intent

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Club 29 Rotarians, forward this page to a qualifying nonprofit!

July 25, 2023

The Rotary Club of Oklahoma City is pleased to announce the application process for our Annual Project. We will be accepting Letters of Intent (“LOI”) directed to a project or program that is proposed by a qualified nonprofit organization in good standing, serving citizens within the limits of the City of Oklahoma City. The maximum amount of funds available for a program/project from either a single applicant or from the aggregate of multiple applicants is $90,000. Grants may also be awarded in the range of $20,000-$90,000.  Determinations will be made based on the quality of the application and the quality of the program/project.

The Club 29 Annual Project is driven by our club motto: “Service Above Self.”

Details of the application process—guidelines and requirements—are set forth below.  Completed Letters of Intent must be received online, via our website by NOON sharp on August 11, 2023.  Any Letters of Intent submitted after that time will not be considered.  Finalists will be notified by August 18 and grant applications will be due at noon on August 30.

As Oklahoma’s oldest and largest civic organization, we are delighted to again partner with our local nonprofits to serve our community in the coming year.


Kim Tran, Co-Chair                                                          Lesli Massad, President
Chris Moxley, Co-Chair                                                    Rotary Club of Oklahoma City
Annual OnePledge Project Committee

2023-2024 Annual Project

Grant Request Guidelines and Requirements

Funding Priorities: The Rotary Club of Oklahoma City seeks to work with qualified Oklahoma City nonprofit organizations on strategic, transformative projects that have the potential to substantially increase the grantee’s impact, efficiency, or long-term sustainability. We DO NOT fund operating expenses, including salaries. Since the funds will not be dispersed until February/March 2024, projects must be those that will begin in the spring/summer.


Eligibility: To be eligible for a Rotary Club of Oklahoma City Annual Project Grant, the applicant must:

  • be a nonprofit organization with 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status
  • have been operating in good standing for a minimum of three (3) years
  • have gross revenue (as of their Prior Fiscal Year) of at least $300,000
  • have net-positive total assets
  • not have been a recipient of an Annual Project Grant in the past three (3) years

Requirements: The proposal must:

  • Outline a capital, programming, or capacity-building project that targets a specific population for a specific duration and with specific measurable goals to be achieved.
  • Must have a minimum grant request of $20,000
  • Must serve citizens within the limits of the City of Oklahoma City
  • Use the full amount of the Rotary Club 29 grant to provide services in Oklahoma City
  • Expend all funds awarded within 24 months
  • Provide……
    • proof of 501(c)(3) status
    • A copy of the organization’s most recent 990 filing. If the organization is only required to file a 990-N with the Internal Revenue Service, please submit the 990-N along with a completed and signed 990-EZ or 990. The Foundation will not accept a 990-N alone.
    • A copy of the organization’s current and previous year’s budgets.
    • A list of the Board of Directors and the organization’s staff.


Ineligible requests: The Rotary Club of Oklahoma City will not award its Annual Project Grant for any of the following:

  • General operating expenses
  • Funding to any organization that discriminates based on race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, veteran, or disability status, or espouses hate.
  • Individuals, including those seeking scholarships or fellowship assistance
  • Political, labor, fraternal organizations, or other civic clubs
  • Government and municipal agencies and organizations
  • Fiscally sponsored organizations
  • General funding to any organization whose purpose is to promote or to discourage the observance or proselytization of religious beliefs. However, we will support such organization’s funding of homeless shelters, soup kitchens or other social service needs. The organization may be asked to provide proof of the community project receiving funding.
  • Debt reduction or retirement campaigns
  • Endowments or memorials
  • Bridge funding or interim financing
  • Operational deficits
  • Partisan, political lobbying or legislative activities
  • General fund drive or annual appeals
  • Fraternal, sectarian and religious organizations where the grant is intended for the principal benefit of the organization’s own members or adherents, or where the grant is intended for inherently religious activities
  • Private foundations
  • Legal expenses incurred in any action by or against the organization
  • General construction or renovation (unrelated to a specific proposed capital proposed projects or programs)
  • Construction or renovation of property not owned by the nonprofit, unless letter of support/approval from the property owner is attached.
  • General capital campaign (unrelated to a specific proposed project or program)
  • A small part of a large project (i.e. we would not fund $90,000* of a $500,000 project)
  • Fundraising activities or events
  • Advertising or public relations
  • Support for sports or other school groups to attend competitions
  • Travel support and expenses
  • Sponsorships

Our guidelines continue to evolve, and the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City reserves the right to change its criteria without prior notice at any time.

A qualified nonprofit organization may submit only one application each year.  The Rotary Club of Oklahoma City reserves the right to reject any application for any reason, including if it is late or incomplete in any way.  The Rotary Club of Oklahoma City also reserves the right to select the winner, in its sole discretion and based on whatever criteria it deems to be appropriate.

The Annual Project Committee will present its recommendation to the Club 29 Board for final approval in late September.  All applicants will be notified of our final decision.  The Committee will then proceed to raise the monies needed to fund the program/project selected.

The winning organization will be asked to make a short presentation regarding the project at our meeting on Tuesday, October 3 at noon. Funds are anticipated to be available to the selected organization by February of 2024.  Once the funds have been dispersed, the grant recipient will be required to submit progress reports every six (6) months until the project/program is completed.


The Letter of Intent application is available online at the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City’s website www.okcrotary.club.

If you have questions, you may contact Cheryl Byrd at the Rotary office at Cheryl@okcrotary.com or (405) 235-5100.

*The $90,000 amount is an estimate of the amount we believe will be contributed by our members through our annual OnePledge fundraising campaign. The final grant amount will be determined by the success of the Club’s fundraising efforts.

 *            *            *

The Letter of Intent application is online.  Please access the application here.

 Selection Process Calendar

July 25 – Announcement of Annual Project opportunity at the regular Rotary Club of Oklahoma City meeting, followed by an email announcement to Rotary membership encouraging their help in promoting this opportunity to Oklahoma City nonprofit organizations

August 11 at Noon – Deadline for Letter of Intent

August 18– Finalists are contacted and asked to complete Grant application; email to those not selected notifying them of our decision
August 30 at Noon – Finalist grant applications due

September 26 – Project recommendation presented to Rotary Club of Oklahoma City Foundation Board for final approval; nonprofit recipient(s) notified of award

October 3 – OnePledge Campaign Kickoff: Selected nonprofit(s) make their presentation to the Club membership at the noon Rotary meeting

Oct. 4 – Dec. 31 – Active fundraising period until the goal is met

February 2024 – Funds anticipated to be available for selected program(s)/project(s)


=>Grant Guidelines in PDF

=>2023-2024 Letter of Intent Online Application


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