2018-19 OnePledge


If you were present at the Club 29 October 30 meeting, you heard the announcement about the 2018-19 Rotary Project. Out of 77 grant applications, the OnePledge/Project committee has decided to award our annual project grant to the Jesus House for highly needed improvements to its kitchen. The Jesus House serves 400+ low-income and homeless children, women, and men in Oklahoma County every day.

Video – Jesus House Serving those in need

$41,500 needed


$20,500 Needed

In addition to helping Jesus House update its kitchen, Club 29 will be funding scholarships for Jr. Rotarians,

The mission of the Junior Rotarian Program of the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City is to foster a sense of respect, responsibility, goodwill and integrity among young people through community service and effective training opportunities. Students are recommended by their counselors. This year’s cohort has 25 seniors representing 14 area high schools. Junior Rotarians who successfully complete the program will be eligible for awards ranging from $250 to $1000 which are funded through your OnePledge giving.

Junior Rotarians gathered at the OKC Boathouse District for their orientation on Saturday, October 27. President Tom, District Governor Jessica Sherrill, Governor Walters, and Kristin Davis shared reflections on Rotary and leadership. A dragon boat team building activity followed.

The Junior Rotarians attended their first Rotary meeting on November 13th. There are three service projects planned – bell ringing for the Salvation Army, serving as Guest Chef at the Ronald McDonald House and volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. Students will write an essay on the meaning of Rotary and chair the meeting on Junior Rotarian Day in April.

Club members are welcome to participate in the Junior Rotarian service projects. Please contact Lou Gasbarra or Susan Adams for more information.


$14,000 needed

4800 Dictionaries for 3rd graders have been purchased and are being delivered to schools in the Okla. City area.

The Dictionary Committee gives a free dictionary to every third-grade student in the Oklahoma City and Putnam City public schools. Often the Rotary dictionary is the first book a child has owned.

The committee meets in the fall to place a Four Way Test sticker inside each dictionary. After sorting the books going to each school, Rotarian volunteers deliver the books to the schools. The volunteers have an opportunity to tell the students about Rotary and the Four Way Test as well as about how helpful the dictionaries will be in their lives. The grateful students have been known to want hugs and even autographs from the Rotarian volunteers.  Susan Beaty and John Wilkins, Co-Chairs

Rotarians Page Dobson, and son David Dobson delivered dictionaries to 3rd graders at David’s Alma Mater,
Kaiser Elementary


$7,000 Needed

Domestic  Grants

The 2018-19 District Grant is purchasing a used light duty cargo truck for the Homeless Alliance. The truck will be used to pick up donated food, furnishings, and other items. The organization has been turning away donations because it has no means to transport items to those who need them. The Homeless Alliance has three housing programs and the metro’s only day shelter.

Last year, 650 people were provided housing through the Housing Alliance’s programs and collaborative initiatives. The day shelter provides services to an average of 300 guests each day. Services include breakfast, lunch, showers, telephones, & computers. In 2016, the Day Shelter served 105,000 meals & provided 20,000 showers to 5,130 unduplicated guests.

Our Club’s Foundation matched the District Grant with more than the required 1/3 of the project cost so that the purchase could be made.  The district funded $17,150 and Club 29 funded $11,750. Please call Joyce Clark at 812-9089 if you want to be a part of the District Grant committee.

$7,000 Needed

International Global Grants

Mary Jane Calvey and Terry Neese just participated in an International project Water Well dedication in Morocco!!

“It was just the two of us in Morocco dedicating the water well in M’hamid.  We were there 4 days and spent time in the old city of M’hamid where the water well was located.  We had a Rotary Club meeting and sat on the dirt floor covered with rugs and had lunch with Rotary members from Madrid, Spain and other parts of Morocco. It was a trip of a lifetime! ” – Terry Neese


A celebration in M’Hsmid au Ghislene for a Rotary water project!

2017-18 RI Service Project Dedications – Mary Jane Calvey

This past year we travelled to Riga, Latvia and then by bus to Jekabpils Hospital for a project dedication at the maternity hospital that provided beds, incubators, baby jaundice treatment lights and other equipment for this regional hospital. Other partners included 10 Rotary Clubs from Sweden as well as a club from Lithuania. A celebration at a nearby renovated (somewhat!) castle included folk singing and local specialties, including a very large cheese wheel brought by the group from Lithuania. The total project budget was $100,000 and Club 29’s contribution was $2000.

In addition, our club worked with Rotary clubs from Madrid and Grenada, Spain, Fez and Zagora, Morocco on a water distribution project in M’Hamid, Morocco. This fourteenth century mud-walled town is on the edge of the Sahara Desert, near Erg Chegaga not far from Algeria. Two years of planning and consulting with the local leaders lead to a project that all in the community celebrated with feasting and drumming and singing. Because the project was completed with local labor, the designers were able to include a community sewerage system as well.

As you know, this is the one combined annual project in which we, as a Club, ask all of our members to participate through this one donation. A total of $90,000 is needed.

Please take this opportunity to help the Jesus House carry out its mission to feed the hungry in our community and help fund the other important projects noted above. We have made it very easy for you. Please donate or pledge by clicking on the following link and submitting the completed form to the Club 29 Office. It takes no time at all. To pledge, or donate with a credit card, please click here.

Thanks, Rotarians!!!!

President Tom Phillips; Mike Bateman – Executive Director – Jesus House; Cliff Dougherty – 18-19 One Pledge Chair


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