2018-19 OnePledge


If you were present at the Club 29 October 30 meeting, you heard the announcement about the 2018-19 Rotary Project. Out of 77 grant applications, the OnePledge/Project committee has decided to award our annual project grant to the Jesus House for highly needed improvements to its kitchen. The Jesus House serves 400+ low-income and homeless children, women, and men in Oklahoma County every day.

$41,500 needed


$20,500 Needed

In addition to helping Jesus House update its kitchen, Club 29 will be funding scholarships for Jr. Rotarians,

25 Jr. Rotarians from High Schools in the Okla. City area have been chosen.  They have attended orientation, and will participate in  Community Service, and write essays.



$14,000 needed

4800 Dictionaries for 3rd graders have been purchased and are being delivered to schools

$7,000 Needed

Domestic  Grants

In conjunction with  District funds, Club 29 will purchase a Cargo Van for the Homeless Alliance

$7,000 Needed

International Global Grants

Mary Jane Calvey and Terry Neese just participated in an International project Water Well dedication in Morocco!!

“It was just the two of us in Morocco dedicating the water well in M’hamid.  We were there 4 days and spent time in the old city of M’hamid where the water well was located.  We had a Rotary Club meeting and sat on the dirt floor covered with rugs and had lunch with Rotary members from Madrid, Spain and other parts of Morocco. It was a trip of a lifetime! ” – Terry Neese

As you know, this is the one combined annual project in which we, as a Club, ask all of our members to participate through this one donation. A total of $90,000 is needed.

Please take this opportunity to help the Jesus House carry out its mission to feed the hungry in our community and help fund the other important projects noted above. We have made it very easy for you. Please donate or pledge by clicking on the following link and submitting the completed form to the Club 29 Office. It takes no time at all. To pledge, or donate with a credit card, please click here.

Thanks, Rotarians!!!!

President Tom Phillips; Mike Bateman – Executive Director – Jesus House; Cliff Dougherty – 18-19 One Pledge Chair


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