All Taxes Ain’t Bad – Leonard Sullivan

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ALL TAXES AIN’T BAD – Leonard Sullivan

Not all taxes and government spending are bad. At every level of government most taxes and spending benefits each of us. We certainly need our military defense system, our streets and highways, health programs, our education system, prisons, border security, clean water, air traffic control, etc. etc. However, waste and mismanagement occur at every agency just mentioned, but few of us would wish for any of these government agencies to close.
Oklahoma City MAPS was and is a tax, but MAPS is probably the best thing that ever occurred in our city and perhaps our state. MAPS created the Chesapeake Arena, thus the Thunder. The Oklahoma River Complex brought us Olympic Training, and world- wide exposure. The number one state fair complex in the world, and dozens of other benefits to each of us that are too numerous to mention are a result of this “tax”.

Lakes like Texoma and Eufaula have created thousands of jobs, brought life and vitality to hundreds of thousands of acres of marginal agricultural land. These lakes have saved schools, families, businesses, communities, and a way of life. We would say that lakes are money well spent. These government expenditures have benefited millions upon millions of dollars or provide expenditures and investments.

There would be no growth in Edmond, Deer Creek, Piedmont or Yukon without the N.W. Highway, Lake Hefner Parkway, Broadway Extension and the Kilpatrick Turnpike. These freeways enable citizens to quickly get to work, schools, shopping and entertainment venues, hospitals and other necessities. Oklahoma City would still have a population of 200,000 without I-35, I-40 and the Turner Turnpike.

We will discuss the benefits of government spending at Tinker, FAA, The Weather Center in Norman, and other agencies another time.

We all hate taxes, but we all want out trash picked up, good streets, clean water, a safe environment and good schools. These all require tax dollars. As taxpayers, we should demand that our tax dollars be spent prudently, efficiently and wisely. We should insist that our elected officials be better stewards of our tax dollars.

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    • Dick hefton
    • October 19, 2017

    Good lesson. I’m ready for some more go teachers and corrections!

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