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Welcome from the President

Greetings Fellow Rotarians!

Welcome to the new Rotary year 2022-2023 for the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City, “Club 29!”

It is such a great honor and privilege to be your 113th President and I pledge to you to continue the great momentum that Jerrod, David, Ann, Ellen, Tom, and the many past presidents have established over the years. They have all built a great foundation for our club’s many successes and I want to keep that going.

Rotary runs deep in my family. My father, Max Milbourn, was a long-time Rotary Club member in my hometown of Manhattan, Kansas. He later became president of the club, served as District Governor for District 571, and then served as the Chairman of the Public Relations Committee of Rotary International. My brother, Tom, has been a long-time member of the Green Bay, Wisconsin Rotary Club and later served as its president as well. So, you can see, the Rotary wheel revolves through our family.

Like my family, I look at our club as Rotary family. Families take care of themselves and the communities that they serve… and we do the best of any service club in our community with the multitude of service projects we have and will continue to have, moving forward. It is not just one person that makes our club successful… it is each and every one of you that makes our club what it is today, what it will be tomorrow, and the many tomorrows that lie ahead for us.

How do we do that? By each and every one of you becoming “engaged” in our club with the over 40+ committees to choose and serve on. Pick one, or several, to be a part of, and lend your time and talents in committing to “Service Above Self” for our community and the many needs around the world.

I look forward to working with you, our board of directors, and the many committees in the coming year to continue the momentum and successes that lie ahead for us.


Wes Milbourn


Rotary Club of OKC History

With over 600 members, Club 29 is one of the largest clubs in Rotary International, and it is also one of the friendliest. We welcome guests and visiting Rotarians from all over the world at our weekly luncheon meetings.

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Visiting Our Club

Downtown Meeting:

The Rotary Club of Oklahoma City has two weekly meetings: The 11:45am, Tuesday meeting at the Christian Life Center (CLC) at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, and the 7:00am Thursday morning meeting currently held at Quail Creek Golf & Country Club.

Parking Information:

Please park in either the South, West, or Southwest Parking Lots, and enter the CLC at the 14th Street entrance between Harvey and Robinson

Club 29 Foundation

The mission of the Rotary Club 29 Foundation is: “To Support the Philanthropic Activities of the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City.” The foundation is independent from the club, but it does not solicit or accept funding requests other than from the club, and the foundation board ultimately makes funding decisions.

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Officers and Board of Directors

Wes Milbourn
Lesli Massad
Suzanne Mitchell
Lisa Synar
Collins Peck
Sergeant at Arms
Jerrod Shouse
Past President
Mark Neumeister
Assistant Treasurer
Clay Cockrill
Director – 1yr.
David Mayfield
Director – 1yr.
Scott Parman
Director – 1yr.
Sherry Rhodes
Director – 1yr.
Ashley Smith
Director – 1yr.
Farooq Karim
Director – 2yr.
Dave Ortloff
Director – 2yr.
Miles Pringle
Director – 2yr.
Patrick Raglow
Director – 2yr.
Ted Streuli
Director – 2yr.
Billy Bowden
Presidential Advisor
Terri Cooper
Presidential Advisor
Ellen Fleming
Presidential Advisor
Jeff Simpsen
Presidential Advisor


Volunteer Opportunities

Our committees and your involvement in those committees is what makes our Rotary Club so outstanding in serving our community needs. Also, getting engaged in those committees is a wonderful way to work with your fellow Rotarians and getting to know them better and enhancing our commitment to “Service Above Self.”

Serving the club is easy, meaningful, and fun. I know I have enjoyed serving on various committees during my 20 years of being a Rotarian and I’m confident you will also! I am asking each Club 29 member to sign up for at least one (or maybe two or three) committees that you think you will enjoy being a part of… there are over 40 to choose from!

If you have any questions about the duties of any committee, each grouping has a link to a description of the committee’s work. Please do not hesitate to contact me or the club office if you have any questions.

Thank you for being a member of one of the greatest Rotary Clubs in the world, Club 29.  I appreciate your service and dedication to our club and the meaningful work that we do in serving our community needs. We have some great momentum moving forward into our next rotary year. Together, we can make it even greater!!!

Wes Milbourn
President 2022-23

Committee Selection + Forms

Please download the following form to sign up for a committee of your choice.

Committee Sign Up Form

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