Club Service Committee Descriptions

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Club Service: Group
Music (Club 29 Chorale)
• Arrange or provide special music or song leading for selected luncheon meetings
Visiting Rotarians/Guests
• Extend special welcome to all visiting Rotarians and guests of Rotarians at luncheon meetings.
• Register all visiting Rotarian and Guests.
• Insure that the Introduction Committee representative has the correct information so the visiting Rotarians and guests may be properly introduced during the luncheon meeting.
Luncheon/Parking Card Sales/Change Collection Accounting
• Coordinate the arrangements at the venues where the Rotary luncheon is conducted.
• Insure that there is financial accountability for each person served a meal at club events.
• Assist with the gathering and accounting for the change collected in the baskets each week.
Attendance Scanning
• To register members attendance by scanner.
• Promotion of friendship among Club Members, Visiting Rotarian, and Guests by acting as the official greeters at all club events, including the weekly luncheon meeting.

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