Comfort and Joy

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Comfort and joy.
by Emily Lang

That’s my mantra this holiday season, and I’m finding it all around me.

There’s the obvious comfort that comes from the love of family and friends, and the joy I take from bearing witness to a holiday season of firsts for my youngest nephews.

There’s the joy of holiday parties –of spending time with people I don’t often see but enjoy immensely when I get the opportunity to share a glass of wine and a moment to catch up and check in on each other’s lives.

There’s comfort in evenings spent on the couch, watching Christmas classics with my husband and son, who is 11 now and at least for this season, still wants to lounge with his parents.

There’s joy in a mug of hot chocolate, and comfort in warm socks and a glowing fire.

There’s comfort in my mom’s cooking, and joy in my dad’s laugh as he soaks in the sarcasm and ever-present love of our family.

These small moments are easy to take for granted, but I try not to. My own comfort and joy comes easily, and for that, I know I am fortunate.

That’s not the case for some members of our community, but this season, we can find our own joy in providing comfort for others.

Organizations, including some led by our fellow Rotarians spread comfort and joy in ways big and small. Looking for a way to serve this holiday season? Find one of these folks at our next Rotary meeting, and I’ll guarantee they’ll have a way for you to help.

Comfort and joy can be found, simply by asking, and then doing.

May you find both in abundance this holiday season.

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    • Georgianna Fiering
    • December 12, 2019

    Thank you, Emily! So heartfelt and lovely!

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