FBI, Nix – for the “Fourway” Test

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FBI, Nix – for the “Fourway” Test
by Dick Hefton


The Doldrums of Summer being something of a mind-numbing creative stumbler, practice has led me to leisurely seal a subject or two for mulling till the temps turn sensible.

Inspired by a pair of recent popular books of historical interest right here in our state, invited me to compare the timely coincidental claims that Oklahoma murders, bank heists and kidnappings laid the foundation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And made the illustrious, or notorious, career for its long serving director, J. Edgar Hoover: The 2015 “The YEAR of FEAR (Machine Gun Kelly and the manhunt that changed the nation), by Joe Urschel. And the 2017 “KILLERS of the FLOWER MOON (The Osage murders and the birth of the FBI), by David Grann. Both fascinating factual national histories that as a sidebar make the connection mentioned above but well short of many of the gripping details of FBI’s evolution.

As luck has it, I had not hit the first computer key when the FBI blew my news slot to the moon. Any delicate, non-partisan, unbiased way you tell the tumultuous story of its beginnings, it needs time for current events no longer smother Oklahoma’s Day in the Sun.  Meanwhile, please read both the fine books, and be ready to see the Flower Moon movie on the screen in November. (However, Lance McDaniel tells me, the release  of Flower Moon may be delayed till a  date later than expected).


Now that I have to depend on the Doldrums of the Summer, how about a little –Something new –


With 9 years with our great Club #29 and into my 60th in Rotary, I am safely committed to our pledge to respect truth in our social and personal behavior.


From day one, it has always given me cause to ask; If accepting “Is it the Truth.” As a preamble, are the other three provisos necessary?  “Is it Fair to All Concerned” Seems if it is true, it must be fair? And to all concerned, although not necessarily as viewed by one of those “concerned.”

Once you’ve satisfied the truth and that both, you and “concerned” are no worse the results of the test, pursuing friendship and goodwill becomes an exercise in the mission of Rotary and your willingness to further Rotary goals.

The Benefits of following the Test are specific in the first question of Truth and implied in the statement of purpose for the institution itself. Rotary is founded on truth. The enjoinders, serve as the roadmap allowing Rotary to USE YOU to help enhance the cause.


2 Comments for : FBI, Nix – for the “Fourway” Test
    • Mary Jane Calvey
    • August 22, 2022

    Insightful. You could also focus on: Is it fair to all concerned? Because if it is fair it should necessarily be the truth.

    • Donna Lawrence
    • August 22, 2022

    That’s some pretty deep thinking about the Four-Way Test, Dick! I appreciate your wisdom and insight. It did get me to thinking, and I would question whether the ‘Truth’ is always ‘Fair to All Concerned’. I’m looking forward to the Killers of the Flower Moon movie!

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