Historical Negationism – Losing the Human Identity Dick Hefton

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Islamic terrorists are not only murdering masses of humanity in the world today, they are beheading historic icons and systematically destroying the remains of the dawn of civilization. Another tragedy of monumental proportions is underway in the Middle East which is critical to human history and annihilation of irreplaceable archeological artifacts. The Islamic State has been recklessly destroying (pulverizing) historical icons including religious citadels, temples of the first century, and mosques while publically executing lead guardians of antiquities.

Since 2011 ISIS has administered their annihilative psychopathy in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Yemen some notable examples date as early as the 3rd. millennium B.C. Much of the destruction has centered in Nimrud in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria, the two most historically significant world crossroads connecting Rome with Persia and China. An international effort to save as many of the symbols and antiquities as possible is underway but much of the loss, even if curbed immediately will be a powerful setback to future generations to come. A destructive historical revisionist act, it is equally a case of “Murdering the Arts,” given the irreplaceable antiquities disappearing in the cradle of civilization in those key locales which have been so carefully guarded for centuries against wars’ pillages. It is hopeful the powerful work underway will curb further destruction but great loss of important work is gone forever. It is not like traces of the origin of civilization haven’t fallen to the erosion of age and grievous destruction in Africa and the Middle East in earlier centuries but in the face of the current attack is a reversal of civilized existence of the highest form.

Anthropologists today measure the present indifference for the lessons locked in the past as a sociological setback. The so-called Millennial Generation, entering their young adult years, is unduly influenced by a self-centered dependence on what is both “now and new,” which completely misses the message and distorts the truth hidden in historical revisionism underway by ISIS and in other contemporary social centers.

History is the preservation of truth and inescapably consists of winners and losers and losers are a powerful source for depressing the truth. General Dwight Eisenhower wisely recorded the indelible evidence of the extermination of millions of Jews in the Nazi perpetrated Holocaust during WWII. Yet a number of revisionary efforts have attempted to deny it happened. Negation has a latent tendency, however, which someday could invite an attempt to destroy and erase all signs of those protected Concentration Camp museums in Germany, Austria and other European areas.

Destruction of artistic antiquities robs society of its “Identity.” And removing historical evidence erases “Truth.” There have always been elements of revisionism at work and always will be. Every day we see the insidious motion at work in attacks on free speech, and, on removal of historical icons fomented by forced behavior in the name of Political Correctness.

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