Virtual Club Meeting: Prairie Wolf Spirits – From Spirits to Sanitizer

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In response to COVID-19 and the shortage of sanitizer, Prairie Wolf began producing sanitizer and has made it available to purchase through various resources.

Located in Guthrie, Oklahoma, Prairie Wolf Spirits was purchased by a band – a pack, if you will – of friends and native Oklahomans who acquired the portfolio, which features Prairie Wolf Vodka, Loyal Gin, Prairie Wolf DARK and M Whiskey. In early summer of 2018, the team launched Obahoshe Inland-Style Rum made with sorghum sourced from the Seminole Nation

Jonathon Stranger developed an interest in cooking early on. As a child he spent weekends at his family’s farm in Chandler, Oklahoma, where he would help his grandma prepare dinner using items found out in the country.

Those fond memories stoked a lifelong passion that took Jonathon from the food mecca of New York City — where he worked under two of the world’s finest, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and David Burke — to Germany, Houston and Oregon before eventually returning him to his hometown of Oklahoma City.
Along the way he spent three years studying with another renowned chef, Paul Wade. Jonathon credits much of his culinary approach — innovative but unfussy — to his mentor. 
“He taught me to look deeply into each product and each moment of cooking,” Jonathon says.
Recently, Jonathon centralized his cooking operations as chef-owner with the openings of En Croute and St. Mark’s Chop Room, where he currently operates in a creative capacity for special events as he pursues additional entrepreneurial endeavors. He is also co-owner of Prairie Wolf Spirits, a distillery based in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Jonathon often lends his talents toward community-driven events such as fundraising for May 2013 tornado victims as part of OK Chefs Relief or by coming full circle with his upbringing, helping diners reconnect with the land with adventures such as Outstanding in the Field. 
All of these experiences have led to Jonathon’s present-day mantra.
“Each restaurant and hospitality outpost is an opportunity to create a positive moment for someone, from first-time to repeat customers. Through responsibly sourced ingredients, and a style of service that is upscale, unfussy, and fun, we can gratefully accommodate everyone to a proper, from the heart, meal,” Jonathon says.

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