Quality Matters

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Cathy O’Connor

By now we all probably know which New Year’s resolutions we are truly going to keep and which didn’t make it. The list more than likely contained two of my favorites, lose weight and get back (as if you ever were) in shape. I hope all of you also included and left on your list a resolution to vote in every election in which it is legal for you to do so.

Last fall in the elections to decide whom our representatives in Washington would be, less that half of the registered voters in our country cared enough to go to the poles and vote. Our state of Oklahoma unfortunately did not do as well. Less thon 40% of eligible voters showed up. That means that less than one half our people to showed up. This active minority put people in positions that will be deciding, for better or for worse, what our future will be like.

State Senator David Holt has introduced legislation to increase the number of Oklahoma citizens who will be able to vote by making it easier. I see some aspects of his proposals that are troubling. First, the easier the process of registering and voting becomes, the greater the chance of some sort of voter fraud occurring exists. Secondly, an increase in the number of voters does not insure the nature of the results of an election will be better. Finally, an effort must be made to bring, not only more voters the poles but better-informed voters as well.

How de we do this? It goes without saying that it is not easy. First, I feel strongly that all our voters should be required to show proof that they can read. Secondly, what they chose to read is, as it should be, beyond our control. This is the most difficult obstacle to overcome We must count on the print media, paper and internet, to present factual and relevant information on the candidates and issues that will impact us.

In summary, the final analysis is, as it is in many cases, not quantity but quality that really counts.

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