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Stan Hupfeld

Routinely I hear things on the radio that both surprise, distress, and irritate me? I have such an experience every morning when I drive to work. I am told there is a deep and nefarious secret that credit card companies do not want me to know. The secret is I don’t have to pay my credit card debt!

Apparently, according to the commercial, this is a well-kept secret that credit card companies routinely hide from their customers. The credit dodgers are selling a service to consolidate my credit card bills at a fraction of the original amount. I presume the way it works is that these companies approach the credit card vendors and then negotiate a lower amount with the threat that they could get nothing. Since apparently the credit card companies have already written off a significant amount of their charges they are willing to take part of a loaf as opposed to holding out for the entire amount.

Now, let’s think this through. I, the credit card holder, have freely and willingly purchased goods or services and used my credit card as a source of payment. The credit card company, in good faith, has accepted my credit as payment in full for the purchases I made. So what I am being told is that no matter how irresponsibly I act there is a way to dodge the ultimate responsibility for my own impulsiveness.

This is truly a bizarre world and may be simply a sign of our nation’s deterioration in the face of personal responsibility

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    • Big John Frost
    • February 13, 2017

    Having worked for nine years for a small loan company (not a payday loan company) where We “ate our oun cooking”, meaning we collected the loans we made and we charged rates of interest commensurate with the risk or the collateral. We never cooperated with these “consolidators”. What is missing now is personal assessment of risk and determination to collect honest debt for a good company. I learned a lot about human nature in the process.

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