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To My Fellow Members of the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City,

I am honored and excited to serve as the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City’s President for 2024-25!  First, I want to acknowledge the outstanding leadership and hard work our past Presidents and Boards have dedicated to our Club since its inception—one of the many reasons this Club has thrived.

Reflecting on my years as a member of Club 29, I have developed many lasting friendships, gained new perspectives, and learned so much. Membership in this Club has enriched me—from hearing talks by community leaders, to learning about Oklahoma City’s future, to engaging with members from diverse backgrounds. Membership in this Club has made me a better person.

What an incredible world it would be if all of our communities were filled with individuals who act with compassion, honesty, integrity, and civility. Oklahoma City is well on its way with Club 29.

This Club has had a tangible impact on the community. I’m thinking of our annual One Club project, our Helping Hands projects, our support of our local teachers and schools, and the Salvation Army—and many more service projects we support through domestic and global grants.

But less often celebrated—and more difficult to quantify—are the intangible benefits that this Club provides to us and to the community. Think about all the informative programs that have taught us, challenged us, impressed us, and made us laugh. And how do we measure curiosity stirred by these presentations, or the relationships forged, or the conversations sparked?

How can we know how much we gain through collaboration with Club members, what we learn about a fellow Rotarian at the podium, and the inspiration we gain by watching our Club work together for the betterment of the community?

How do we calculate the information shared on the many vocational days we have experienced? How do I keep track of the countless times that more than one member has volunteered to help without a request, or shown support, or offered a helping hand?

How do we measure the depth of friendships made by virtue of being a Club member?  How do we quantify the countless acts of kindness bestowed? In the end, how can I possibly gauge the value of being a member of this Club? What I can say is that these things are real, and they make a difference in our quality of life. And it seems our Club, through its members, continues to ace the “4-Way Test.”

I look forward to experiencing new friendships and more acts of kindness as we enter the Rotary Club of Oklahoma City’s 115th year. Thank you for this opportunity.

Suzanne Mitchell
2024-2025 President
Rotary Club of Okla. City

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    • Cliff Dougherty
    • July 8, 2024

    Congratulations Suzanne. Looking forward to a great year with you at the helm.

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