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I am so humbled and excited to be your President of Rotary Club 29 for 2015-16. The legacy of Past Presidents is not lost on me, including following in the footsteps of immediate Past President Jerome. I will do my best to uphold that legacy and prove worthy of the trust you have placed in me as your next President.

We are the “Largest Club in the World” as PP Jerome reminded us with his signature mantra each week in 2014-15. With that mantle though comes tremendous responsibility; not only to be the biggest but to be the BEST!

But what does it mean to be the BEST?

To me it means to be the leader, the standard bearer and the model club in all aspects of Rotary. We should strive to be the club that every club in the world looks to and tries to emulate. 2015-16 RI President Ravi Ravindran got it right when he asked us to “Be a Gift to the World.” Each and every one of us in his/her own way have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Rotary both at home and abroad and change someone’s life for the better forever. Rotary gives us a tremendous platform from which to be that individual and collective gift to the world.

I had the opportunity in March to travel with Mary Jane Calvey to Istupu, one of the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama to give a pill, Ivermectin to the 3400 Kuna on the island and to spray their bedding and hammocks. This one pill, for less than $8 kills scabies, head lice and an intestinal parasite; a THREE FER that changes their lives for the better forever and in so doing changes our lives and that’s what I mean when I say we can “Be a Gift to the World”.

My goals for our Club in 2015-16 are very simple;

  1. Remain the “Largest Rotary Club in the World”
  2. Complete the fund raising effort and collect the of $275,000+  to build Rotary Point
  3. “Be A Gift to the World” and invest $5,000 of club/foundation dollars matched by District 5750, 2:1  to give us $15,000 to invest in travel for our Club members to be boots on the ground in the places where we have World Community Service projects

In order to meet these goals and to continue to have outstanding meetings, a vibrant and growing membership, and fun/lively social events such as “Rotary After Hours” and the Winter Party, I will need your help and support.

Our club has a great infrastructure and we are blessed with the two BEST administrators in the Rotary World in Shirley and Cheryl but they can’t do it by themselves. It takes each and every member of this club all working together for the greater good to not only remain the “Largest Club in the World”, but to be the BEST!.

Thank you in advance for your “Service Above Self” and I am looking forward to serving you in 2015-16.

President Tim

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