What a Guy!!

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By Ron Page
It was the big football showdown between two powerhouse teams, Putnam City and John Marshall. The thing is, Putnam City had a receiver who went on to a big time record-setting professional career in the NFL. But John Marshall had an All-Conference defensive back who had frustrated receivers all season.

It all came down to one play: Putnam City quarterback looking to pass – Largent running a route away from the All-Conference back – the ball is in the air and long – — — but the ball goes not to Largent, but over the head of the All-Conference back to a speedy, but little-used receiver for the winning touchdown.

Maybe John Marshall’s All-Conference defensive back was looking to help cover Largent, maybe he stumbled, maybe he was caught watching instead of defending. The scolding from his coach was brutal. I didn’t ask for an explanation when I interviewed him for this article. You see, I’m writing this Rotary Reflection about our Club President, Tim Strange and he was the elite athlete who suffered that “agony of defeat” moment.

Surely, then, this must have been a “defining moment”, maybe a “turning point”, or an episode that would haunt Tim Strange for years. Not so!! This is not how Tim Strange is built. Some people in a similar situation look for a way to blame others, some blame themselves, some “let it get them down” but, as far as I can tell, Tim, then and now, is one who enjoys all the adventure life offers, and views those “bumps in the road” as just bumps – sometimes they hurt a bit, but they don’t slow him down.

The point of the story is that in my interview with Tim I saw qualities beyond his poise at the podium, beyond his organizational skills, beyond his salesmanship. I believe I got a glimpse of his true character. He is quality individual and I know we are all proud of him.

Tim says the difficult part of being Club President was the six months of preparation leading up to his term. Once committees are in place and the behind the scenes part of the job is done, the rest is just really, really fun, Tim tells me. As to balancing Rotary work with his profession, his nonchalant response indicated he hadn’t given it much thought – “you just find a way”.

He is very proud of the huge strides our club has made in the area of international service and, of course, he sees Rotary Point as a landmark not only for Rotary, but for our city and state. Tim sees the talent and the good in Club 29 members and treasures the friendships.

It is no wonder Tim’s term as President of Club 29 has been stellar. This guy knows how to plan, prepare, and do the work. His enjoyment of the Club Presidency adventure is apparent in his always smiling demeanor. Tim did mention, with a smile, that things “don’t always go right”, but, that is something he takes in stride. The same character he showed in his All-Conference football player years was on display at our podium every week. Please be sure to let Tim know how much we appreciate the great job!! What a guy!!

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    • Caroline Gist
    • June 23, 2016

    Tim is truly a PRO! I was flattered when he asked me to chair the Teacher of the Month Appreciation project! Tim was so supportive all year. He is a great leader! I will always remember Tim and all the other wonderful Club 29 Rotary members!

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