2024-2025 Officer and Directors Candidates

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This is Not a Ballot  

Ballots are due by 11:59 pm, November 30, 2023 through online voting.

The slate of the 2024-2025 Rotary Officers and Directors will be online for the November 2023 election. If you would like a paper ballot, please request one here. You may also email the Rotary office or provide the Rotary office with a written and signed request. Phone calls requesting paper ballots will not be accepted. If no paper ballot is requested, a link will be sent to your email address for voting purposes. Deadline for paper ballots – Nov. 13, 2023 – end of Day

Candidates are placed in random order, per the bylaws.

Office of President-Elect


Collins Peck

Year Joined:  2015 Years in Rotary: 8
Attendance: 57.44%
Committees Chaired: Salvation Army 17-18/18-19; Service Saturday 19-20; Group Chair Special Events 20-21; Group Chair Communications 21-22; Facilities 22-23/ Group Chair Facilites 22-23
Awards Received:  Always Being There 16-17;  Presidential Citation  18-19; Community Service 19-20
Offices Held:  Director 2020-22;  Sgt.-at-Arms 22-23



Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:   

I am active as a volunteer for many local nonprofits, serving on the board of directors for Allied Arts, Boy Scouts (Friends of Scouting Chairman 2024), and the Civic Center Foundation (Building Chair). I previously served as Treasurer and Vice-Chair of The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and on several Young Professional boards.

I am a commercial general contractor by occupation, constructing and renovated many buildings in Oklahoma City. Currently an Executive Project Manager at Lingo Construction Services, I lead and serve many different types of people on a daily basis including tradespeople, architects, engineers, owners and governmental entities.



Ross Plourde

Year Joined: 1998 Years in Rotary: 25
Attendance: 100%
Perfect Attendance Years: 24
Committees Chaired: Legal Ballot 03-04; Christmas in April 04-05/05-06; Vocational Day 08-09;  Group Chair 9-10/11-12;  Signature Project Exploration Task Force 12-13/13-14; Finance Group Co-Chr 18-19/19-20
Awards Received:  Club Service 3-04;  Community Service 05-06/08-09; Presidential Recognition 10-11; Presidential Citation 19-20
Offices Held:  Director 2010-12; Foundation Director 2013-16; Asst. Treasurer 18-19;  Treasurer 2019-20
Paul Harris Fellow +1


Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:

Children’s Health Foundation Board 2013-2023 (President 2021-2023); Independence Charter Middle School board 2008-2013 (President 2011-2013); Oklahoma Zoological Society Board 1995-2002 (treasurer); Chapel Hill United Methodist Church (Trustee, Lay Leader, Governance Council chair, building committee chair); OBA Commercial Law section past chair; OBA Bankruptcy Section board of directors and past chair (twice); Federal Bar Association OKC Section past president


Office of  Treasurer-Elect


Miles Pringle

Year Joined: 2016 Years in Rotary: 7
Attendance: 100%
Perfect Attendance Years: 6
Committees Chaired: 40 and Under 20-21/21-22; Group Chair Podium 22-23/23-24
Offices Held:   Director 2022-24



Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:   

– President-Elect of the Oklahoma Bar Association (President 2024; previously Vice-President and Governor on the Board of Governors)
– Director for Oklahoma Attorneys Mutual Insurance Company
– Trustee for the Oklahoma Bar Foundation
– Past Chair of the OBA Financial Institutions and Commercial Law Section
– Past Board President for Rainbow Fleet, Inc.
– Past Partner at the Pringle & Pringle law firm

– University of Kansas (Bachelors)
– University of Missouri – Kansas City (JD)
– Graduate School of Banking at Colorado (2025)


Chip Oppenheim

Year Joined: 1999  Years in Rotary: 24
Attendance: 42.55%
Committees Chaired: OnePledge 17-18;  New Rotarian Introductions 19-20; Introduction of  Guests  23-24
Awards Received:  Community Service 17-18; Club Service 19-20  
Offices Held:  Director 10-11;  Foundation Director 2016-19
Paul Harris Fellow +1


Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:
Chip is a managing partner of The Oppenheim Group, a retail commercial real estate management and investments company and a graduate of Casady and University of Texas

Current Board Positions
Mental Health Association Oklahoma, President
Weitzenhoffer College of Fine Arts Board of Visitors, OU, President
OKC REP Theater, Board Member
Oklahoma Arts Institute Foundation, Board Member
Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence, Board Member
Jewish Federation of OKC Foundation, Board Member

Past President, Ballet Oklahoma; Okla. Arts Insitute; Okla. Foundation for Excellence;  S.W. 29th St. Business Improvement District

2015 Distinguished Graduate, Casady School ; Graduate Leadership OKC XV11, and Leadership Oklahoma XV



Office of Secretary

Patrick Raglow

Year Joined: 2013  Years in Rotary:  10
Attendance: 100%
Perfect Attendance Years: 2
Committees Chaired: International Group Chair 23-24;  Invocation 21-22; Group Chair International Service 22-23
Awards Received:  Vocational Service 21-22
Offices Held:  Director 2022-24
Paul Harris Fellow  


Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:
Col (Ret.) USAF; Command & General Staff College; National War College; Commanded at Squadron and Group levels.
Twelve years Executive Director Catholic Charities Archdiocese OKC
Six years on Board of Catholic Charities USA
Seven years on Board of Cristo Rey Catholic High School
Six years Executive Service Corps of Central Oklahoma Board of Directors
Two years President, United Way Central Oklahoma Agency Director’s Association
Two years on Rotary OKC Club 29 Board



Dawn Byram

Year Joined: 2014  Years in Rotary:  9
Attendance: 100%
Perfect Attendance Years: 4
Committees Chaired: Greeters 15-16; Program Co-Chair 16-17/19-20/20-21; Membership Engagement 18-19;  Social 18-19; Group Chair Special Events 21-22
Awards Received:  Rotarian of the Year 16-17/19-20; Presidential Citation 18-19; Club Service 20-21
Offices Held: Director 2020-22
Paul Harris Fellow

Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:

* Currently Serving on Two non-profit boards (Positive Tomorrows and Free to
Live Animal Sanctuary).
* Currently serving as Leadership OK Board Advisor
* Board of Directors for Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW)
* Active in multiple professional organizations
* Have served on numerous non-profit boards throughout my career.
* 50 Women Making a Difference 2018



Office of  Sergeant-At-Arms

Farooq Karim

Year Joined: 2016  Years in Rotary:  7
Attendance: 51.06%
Committees Chaired:  Group Chair Program 22-23/23-24
Offices Held: Director 22-24




Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:

I am passionate about community service and giving back to the community. I am a graduate of Leadership OKC class 28, Leadership Norman 2016 and Leadership Oklahoma Class 30. I was Co-Chair for the 2023 OKC Festival of the Arts and I am currently serving on the following boards as a part of my commitment community service.

– Leadership Oklahoma
– BSA Last Frontier Council
– Civic Center Foundation
– Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition
– Oklahomans for the Arts
– Lyric Theater
– Norman Chamber of Commerce
– Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence



Emily Stratton

Year Joined: 2000  Years in Rotary: 23
Attendance: 100%
Perfect Attendance Years: 22
Committees Chaired: Wings of Rotary 3-04/04-05; Inaugural 04-05; Program 07-08; Group Chair 11-12/12-13; Group Chair-Finance 12-13; Greeters13-14; One Pledge-Project 16-17; Group Chair Podium 20-21/21-22; Pickleball 21-22/22-23/23-24; Historical Preservation 23-24
Awards Received:  International Service 03-04; Club Service 06-07/21-22; Rotarian of the Year 2007-08; Community Service 16-17; Presidential Citation 22-23
Offices Held:  Director 07-09 / 20-22;  Sgt-at-Arms 2009-10; Secretary 2010-11;  Asst. Treasurer 2011-12;  Treasurer 2012-13; Foundation Director 2015-18
Paul Harris Fellow  +1

Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:

I served 22 years as the Executive Director for the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence, a statewide education foundation. Its major event is its Academic Awards Banquet that honors 100 Academic All-Staters and five Medal for Excellence-winning educators, which is attended by 800 to 1,000 people and broadcast statewide by OETA. Such a major program has many, many details that give order to the evening and make the event go smoothly. Those of us behind the scenes must be on top of all these details to make the program a resounding success–which not surprisingly, it always is!





Scott Parman

Year Joined: 2015 Years in Rotary: 8
Attendance: 46.8%
Committees Chaired:  Program Co-Chair 18-19; 40 and Under; Group Chair Club Service 22-23
Awards Received:  2018-19 Rotarian of the Year
Offices Held:  Director 21-23



Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:

-Co-Founder and Owner; Intrepid Financial Services; 2015-present
-Chief Operating Officer and Client & Community Relations Director; Parman & Easterday; 2008-present
-Business Coach for small business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals on how to transform their business into one that empowers their lifestyle rather than sabotaging it. 2010-2015
-Staff Assistant to Senior Legislative Assistant; US Congressman; 2002-2008
-Board of Directors; Redbud Classic; 2022-2025

With a wide range of in-the-trenches business experience, I have trained, implemented, managed and lead on every aspect and level of an organization.  This provides a powerful understanding and perspective to help Club 29 fulfill on its vision.


Steve Kerr

Year Joined: 2011 Years in Rotary: 12
Attendance: 82.97%
Committees Chaired:  Teacher of the Month 12-13/23-24; Facility Management 18-19/19-20
Awards Received:  Presidential Recognition 18-19
Offices Held:  Foundation Director 19-22
Paul Harris Fellow   


Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:
Steve is a practicing attorney in OKC and Vice President of the Kerr Foundation. He is also a trustee of the Oklahoma City Art Museum and a director of Free to Live Animal Sanctuary. He is a past board member of Children’s Miracle Network, Friends of the SMU Libraries, Allied Arts, Summerstock Productions, Edmond Fine Arts Center, Edmond Arts and Humanities Counsel and a past director of the Rotary Foundation. Steve is also a graduate of Leadership Oklahoma Class XXVI. He also served on the Legislative Committee for the National Council on Foundations.


Anne Holzberlein

Year Joined: 2020 Years in Rotary: 3
Attendance: 85.1%
Committees Chaired:  Membership Engagement and Retention 21-22/22-23/23-24
Awards Received:  Club Service 21-22/22-23




Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:
I recently retired after serving 17+ years as Vice President of Advancement at UCO.
I volunteer as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for 2 children in the foster care system which is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.
I serve on the Foundation Board of Trustees for Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics, am a member of the International Womens Forum and the Science Museum of Oklahoma Elemental Ball Committee.
I am a 3-time appointee to the Edmond Capitol Improvement Project Advisory Board
I serve on the Personnel Committee at First Christian Church and will be the incoming chairman next year.


Brooke Haneborg

Year Joined: 2015  Years in Rotary:  8
Attendance: 51.06%
Committees Chaired: Attendance Scanning 16-17/ Membership Engagement 17-18/18-19
Awards Received:  2016-17 Presidential Recognition




Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:

  • Leadership Oklahoma City Alumni Board of Directors
    • Board Secretary (2021-2022)
    • Class Representative (2019-2021)
  • SSM Health St. Anthony Foundation Board of Directors (2018-present)
  • Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma Board of Directors
    • Executive Board – 3rd Vice President (2022-2023)
    • Member at Large (2018-2021)
    • Co-Chair Juliette Low Leadership Society Annual Fundraiser (2023)
  • Allied Arts Board of Directors (2023-present)
  • OU Breast Institute Community Advisory Board (2015-present)
  • Free to Live Board of Directors (2022-present)
  • Cristo Rey Work Study Partners Board of Directors (2022-present)
  • Festival of the Arts Day Chair & Volunteer
  • Oklahoma Humane Society Foster Volunteer


Jill Farrand

Year Joined: 2013 Years in Rotary: 10
Attendance: 61.7%
Committees Chaired:  After Hours 17-18/18-19;  40 and Under 19-20; WinterParty 21-22
Awards Received:  Presidential Citation 18-19/21-22; Next Generations 19-20
Paul Harris Fellow   



Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:

– OKC Better Business Bureau Board of Directors: 2011-present
– Board Member 2011-present
– President of Executive Committee 2023

– Leadership OKC Alumni Representative Board: 2021-present
– Court Appointed Special Advocates Board of Directors: 2020-present

– OKC Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae Board of Directors: 2022-present
– Twin Stars Supper Chairman 2023
– Kappa Alpha Theta Alumnae Facilities Corporation Board: 2010-2020
– Technology Chairman 2010-2020
– Vice President 2019-2020

– Bricktown Rotary Club Member: 2007-2013
– JLOC Sustainer


Drew Edmondson

Year Joined: 2000  Years in Rotary:  23
Attendance: 48.93%
Paul Harris Fellow +1



Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:

Currently on the board of Palomar, family justice center and the Executive Board of OCU School of Law.
Last service includes the boards of Rainbow Fleet, providing services to day care centers, and Bacone College, in Muskogee.
My effort to be more “retired” frees up time for more community service.
Have been involved in incorporating two 501(c)(3) private non-profits.


Mary Jenkins

Year Joined: 2003 Years in Rotary: 14
Attendance: 91.48%
Perfect Attendance Years: 2
Committees Chaired: 
NewMember Orientation 18-19/19-20/20-21/21-22/22-23
Awards Received: 18-19 Presidential Citation; Club Service 19-20/22-23
Paul Harris Fellow +1


Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:
My professional career, consisting of 3 decades as an AT&T attorney, then “encore” roles as CEO of the OKC Public Schools Foundation and General Counsel of OCU, nurtured such skills as critical thinking, writing, attentiveness to detail, time management, and customer service (because in-house counsel must offer “value-add” or be replaced by outside firms). These traits are also indispensable in volunteer commitments, in work we do for love. Applying those skills, I have served on boards and volunteered for great organizations, including Leadership OK, Leadership OKC, Communities Foundation of OK, Foundation for Excellence, Calm Waters, and Crossings Clinic.


Heidi Russell

Year Joined: 2020 Years in Rotary:  3
Attendance: 76.59%
Committees Chaired:  Vocational Tour Day 21-22/22-23/23-24
Awards Received: Vocational Service 21-23/22-23
Offices Held: Past President – West Oklahoma City Rotary Club
Paul Harris Fellow +2



Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:

I am a 27-year member of Rotary International with a deep, longtime commitment to Rotary’s mission and values. I transferred my membership to Club #29 from West OKC in 2020.
I am an active community volunteer currently serving on the following boards of directors:
OKC Civic Center Foundation
University of Central Oklahoma Foundation
Friends of OU Breast Health Institute
Magdalene House OKC
I also serve the following nonprofits: OSSM and Girl Scouts of Western OK
Member of LOKC Class 30
Accomplished nonprofit executive, awarded Outstanding Fundraising Professional by Association of Fundraising Professonals (AFP); served as president of AFP OK Chapter.



Larry Wagner

Year Joined: 2013 Years in Rotary: 10
Attendance: 68.08%
Committees Chaired:  Historical Preservation 15-16; Invocation 19-20/22-23
Awards Received:  Club Service 19-20/22-23
Paul Harris Fellow  +1



Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:

If elected I bring considerable communication and organization skills to the Board.
Originally joining Club 29 in 1990 I served on the Board for one term. I also led the Rotary Project for the Infant Crisis Center.
In 1999 we relocated to Tulsa where I managed the Human Resources function for The Bank of Oklahoma. In Tulsa I was active in the Downtown Rotary Club, Tulsa Opera, American Red Cross, and the United Way.
Retiring in 2011 I rejoined our club when we returned to OKC in 2012 and have been active in the Invocation and Salvation Army committees


Cori Loomis

Year Joined:  2015 Years in Rotary: 8
Attendance: 100%
Perfect Attendance Years: 8
Committees Chaired: Greeters 16-17; Social 17-18; OnePledge 19-20
Awards Received:  17-18 Club Service; Community Service 19-20
Offices Held:  Foundation Board 19-20


Most relevant experience outside the club that would prepare for your nominated role:

As a corporate, transactional attorney, I routinely work with clients on business operational matters and issues.   I’m very familiar with not for profit corporate governance issues.  In addition, I’ve served on several boards over the years, including:
1. Crossings Christian School, School Board
2. The Bethany Children’s Center
3. Community Health Charities
4. Vizavance (formerly Prevent Blindness)
5. Oklahoma Women’s Coalition
6. Church of the Servant Administrative Council
7.  Executive Service Corps of Central Oklahoma

2024-2025 Carry-over Officers & Directors
President: Suzanne Mitchell
Past President: Lesli Massad
Treasurer: David Mayfield
2023-25 Directors:  Susan Adams, Mike Coats, Jeanette Nance, Evan Walter, Kathy Williams


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