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I have a beautiful plaque in my office showing the fourteen flags that have flown over our state which provides a snapshot of our state’s history.

The first flag in 1541 was the Royal Standard of Spain. Next, in 1663 came the Union Jack of Great Britain. Third came the French Royal Standard in 1719. In 1763 the fourth flag was the standard of the Spanish Empire. Thirty-seven years later, in 1800, the flag of the French Republic was the fifth flag to grace our skies.

Finally, in 1803, the first United States flag which contained fifteen stars was number six. Then came number seven which was “Old Glory” containing 20 stars in 1818.

While Daniel Boone, Davy Crocket, Jim Bowie and others were looking for a cause, the Republic of Mexico laid claim to what is now Oklahoma in 1821. Not to worry, however, because in 1836 the Republic of Texas reclaimed our paradise from Mexico. In 1839 the Lone Star Flag of Texas, number ten, was raised over Oklahoma territory.

In 1861 flag number eleven, that of the Choctaw Indian Nation and probably the most legitimate claim to the Oklahoma territory, was raised. In the same year, 1861, the Confederate Flag supposedly represented our region after forming a coalition with the Choctaws, thus the Confederate Battle Flag represented those who were here in this territory.

In 1911, four years after statehood, number thirteen was our own Oklahoma State flag. The flag was red with a white star containing the number 46 in the center indicating Oklahoma the 46th state to enter the Union. Finally, in 1925, the fourteenth flag was our current Oklahoma flag which became the official flag of our state. The Oklahoma Flag is one of the most recognizable of all the 50 state flags.

We had a beautiful flag garden at the south entrance of our Oklahoma State Capitol until about 25 years ago. This flag garden was photographed thousands of times by tourists as well as native Oklahomans. Then our history revisionists decided to do away with the Confederate Flag. For some time we had a vacant pole and only thirteen flags. Because so many questions were asked about the pole with no flag on it, the same group had all the flags removed except the current Oklahoma Flag. These “mental giants” pooled their great brain power and decided to have only Oklahoma Flags flying in place of the historical flags. They are flying there today in that once beautiful historical flag garden.

Leonard Sullivan

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    • Harry Wilson
    • May 24, 2018

    When I was in the Tourism Department we published a brochure promoting the 14 Flags Plaza and giving the history of each flag. Too bad it’s all gone thanks to the “political correct” who ignore history. It was HISTORY and it can’t be erased. Harry Wilson

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