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Return to Normal – Rotarians Need Meetings
by Leonard Sullivan

I really miss our weekly Rotary Meetings and eagerly await the return to our traditional meeting format. Most humans need social contact, and Rotarians are a special group who enjoy being together. Our common belief in service, community involvement, and adhering to the four-way test when dealing with others gives us a common bond.

Half dozen or more Rotarians are like brothers to me, another fifty are very, very good friends, and dozens of others are associates in business, government, other organizations or community projects, and church affiliations. Many of the Oklahoma City Rotarians I have known for 50+ years. I saw my doctor and dentist almost weekly at the meetings. Fellow members are an unending source of information in almost any subject you can imagine. Visiting Rotarians in their various places of employment provides a plethora of information .

There is great camaraderie within the membership. WE banter back and forth about our alma maters-OU vs OSU, democrats vs. republicans, should you wear socks or are bare feet in your loafers acceptable, etc. Dialogue exchange at the tables and from the lectern are priceless. Where else could you speak with former governors, attorney generals, judges, county officials, corporation commssioners, lobbyists, etc. Oklahoma City Rotary Club has representatives from almost every business and profession in the city; and the club practices diversity in that all races are included, black, white, brown, red, yellow; male and female;, all religions; sexual preference, etc.

Other than Rotary, where could you socialize with such a wide range of personalities each week. I use the Rotary Club 29 Directory almost daily. The return to normal meetings cannot come too soon!

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    • Jim Priest
    • February 18, 2021

    Well said Leonard! But I think you should always wear socks with your loafers!

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