Serving together: How Rotary raises awareness, connects us to the Community

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Serving together: How Rotary raises awareness, connects us to the Community

by Charlie Price

Spring is the perfect season to reflect and refresh, an ideal time to decide what we hope blooms next in our lives.

As Rotarians, we recognize service above self as one of our core values. Our members engage in volunteer service along with thousands of like-minded individuals through chapters here at home and across the world. From helping local students and others in need in Oklahoma City to setting up vaccination clinics in other countries, that impact matters.

In addition to planned community service, Rotary also gives us the opportunity to hear from nonprofit sector champions. Servant leaders representing causes throughout our state help us better understand community needs. Knowing where to focus our time, energy and resources is also guided in the spirit of service with that improved awareness. I’ve joined many conversations with “We were just hearing about that topic at Rotary.”

We are better citizens and more informed residents because of our participation in Rotary. As an organized force for good, Rotarians have the advantage of long-standing traditions around community service. We host a forum for engaging conversations but the momentum doesn’t stop there. Words turn to actions when we choose to participate in activities in fulfillment of the seeds planted, with better days ahead.

Ultimately, we too reap what we sow. Every act of service accomplished through Rotary or because of something we learned at Rotary makes for a brighter tomorrow. Charity may begin at home but it extends beyond our own wants and needs when we see how others are serving.

Take stock of what you can do to help in the community where you work and live, whether it’s this season or in the months ahead. Every person has the responsibility to help others where possible.

Even in the busiest seasons of life, there are ways to serve, give and share. May our best days lie ahead.

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