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You’ve  heard of “Thunder- Up ”….well, what about MENTOR-UP?

Remember what it was like when you became a new Rotary member? You may have been anxious about attending the luncheons, wondered how to get  involved in a committee, or just felt disconnected and a little ill at ease. Like any new experience, it takes time to feel you are “part of the group.”

Well, we’ve all been that new member once and this year’s Rotary leadership team wants to make the transition from “nominee” to “member” easier and more welcoming ….we’re MENTORING UP!

Our goal this year, beyond the formal orientation processes already in place, is to provide a more welcoming experience for new members by connecting each new member to a “Mentor”.

Mentors are existing Rotary members who volunteer to perform this important role. The Mentor is assigned to only one new member, and are asked to “look out” for the new mentee for about 12 months, which is just enough time for the new member to “find their way” and become a mentor him/herself….so the cycle continues!

Depending on each situation, the Mentor might

Invite the new member to sit with him/her for the first few meetings

Introduce the new member around and help the new member make connections

Suggest projects, committees or events for the new member

Be there by phone or email to answer questions about the club and serve as a friend and advisor

As you know our membership is growing! But to match our new members with Mentors we need more volunteers. The 10 member committee cannot be mentors to the 60 or so new members we bring into the club every year on average. It ’s an easy assignment and you’ll get as much as you give.

To add your name to our list of 2015-2016 mentors, please email Shirley at the Rotary office and let her know of your interest. Committee chair Gail Huneryager, will then connect with you and share more information!

Club 29 Mentorship Guidelines – 2016

Rotary International  is encouraging mentorship. This article is from THE ROTARIAN, November Issue..

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